How I work:

In my work as a psychotherapist, I work from a Humanistic and Integrative perspective, with Psychosynthesis as my primary influence. I discovered Psychosynthesis early in my Psychotherapy training, and it immediately resonated with me at a very deep level. It provided me with a lens through which I could understand myself, engage with myself, and make long-lasting changes. It was my own personal experience of the power of change at this level which has led me to complete further training, continue my own personal and professional exploration and to consolidate this learning into my ownHumanistic and Integrative Psychotherapeutic model, which is firmly rooted in Psychosynthesis theory and practice.

Psychosynthesis is unique in that it explores the relationship with the Self (the spiritual aspect of our make-up), as well as the self (the personality), and how we relate to the world. A key step in the process is to acknowledge yourself as already whole and complete. This encourages self-compassion, and trusts you to be able to distinguish your own truth from beliefs and interpretations that have been passed to you. You will begin to identify and gently explore your deep-seated primal wounds, sub-personalities and survival mechanisms; and begin to practice how it might feel to live in your whole being and essence.

This new level of awareness gives you enormous power to choose.  You will feel more at ease with your family and friends, your colleagues and clients, and everyone else with whom you come in contact, and soon you find yourself relating to your world- and the people in it- in a much more authentic and grounded way.

How does Psychosynthesis work?

The basis of all good therapy lies in the relationship. All therapy begins by getting to know each other. How we behave with each other has both the potential to soothe, heal and make therapy feel safe, and also to disrupt your normal way of being just enough for change to occur.

Counselling and therapy are powerful ways of getting clear perspective on issues and effecting change in our lives. Issues commonly dealt with include:

  • experiences of separation, loss and grief
  • dissatisfaction with the experience of work
  • sense of something missing
  • problems with relationships
  • search for self-direction and meaning
  • desire for greater creative expression and fulfilment
  • crisis of identity caused by personal/spiritual experiences
  • difficulty expressing one’s vision
  • inability to change old patterns of behaviour

These issues are often experienced through their symptoms – such as feelings of inadequacy, being trapped, powerlessness, doubt, anger, depression and a sense of life having no meaning

What next?

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